In the event that you receive the wrong item:

- Please text 615-881-4270 with a picture of all the items you received, last name or order #

You will then:

- Receive 20% off the item

- Be sent the correct item

- Be refunded for any ground shipping you paid to return the wrong item

after you have sent back the old item. 285 Paragon Mills Rd. Nashville, TN 37211


If the item is no longer available or has been discontinued:

- You will be given a choice to change it to another item at the same price or refund.


In the event you bought something that doesn't fit:

- Return it within 30 days! We'll issue you a refund on the item. Not the shipping.


Bust a thread? Bad print?

- Text 615-881-4270 with a picture of the item with last name or order number.